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23 Jun 2017

How Luminox Watches Became Famous From Their Military Watches


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Posted By Stuart M.

Luminox watches are a brand of watch that illuminate the watch face to show the time. So when you are sitting in the dark and you need to know whether or not it is time to get up for work you can press a button which actives a back light and shows the exact time.

The word luminox comes from Latin meaning light night, which is the exact description of what it does. It was first invented by two business partners in Switzerland looking for a way to break through into the market. It became a popular idea and perhaps surprising an idea that they managed to sell to the Navy SEALS. It's usefulness to the SEALS is obvious and became important to them when diving. A diver could set their time for how long they wanted to be under then know that the time was up precisely because they could illuminate the watch face.

With this success they launched a brand of watches into the market place approved by the seals themselves. A breakthrough for the company and a big seller. It became popular particularly with men who bought it for its now masculine image.

The first Navy SEAL watches were made out of plastic, but it wasn't long before they bought out a new brand with a metal casing, another success. These watches although just a small change from the original looked and felt strong. The company knew they were onto a real winner and intelligently kept on marketing through the SEALS, using a number of styles. These slightly different versions appealed to the wider group of women and children.

It would be wrong to say these watches were merely gimmicks. They were becoming known for their quality alone using lasting batteries, sapphire glass crystal and anti-reflective coating.

Things got better for the company only a few years later when the American Air Force asked for their own brand of watches to be made. The company was of course quick to say yes and developed the SEAL model to suit pilots on their bombing missions. Soon Luminox had the right to provide watches for the entire aviation industry and the potential for a new line of product for the average consumer.

Again the sales were a brilliantly successful. The Air force was only too willing to put their name to the product in an attempt obviously improve their image. Luminox showed the watch world that you don't have to be innovative in your watch design, that you don't have to be constantly finding new ways to improve the watch. Instead advertising is just as important, cornering a niche in a big market that is powerful and will promote the product not only because it is good quality but because it is good way to improve there own image.


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